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The Evolution of Abergavenny Voice: A Founder’s Farewell

By aiyifan Jun8,2024

In the period of virtual entertainment, local area-driven stages play an essential part in cultivating neighborhood commitment and network. Among such stages, the Abergavenny Voice Facebook bunch has stood apart as a foundation for the inhabitants of Abergavenny. The gathering has essentially influenced its neighborhood area with its mix of information, conversations, and collective help. Today, we report a huge initiative change inside the gathering, stamping both an end and a fresh start.

A Founder’s Journey

Craig Titchener’s Nine-Year Tenure

Craig Titchener has been the main impetus behind Abergavenny Voice for the past nine years. His process started unobtrusively, with the gathering picking up speed when McDonald’s in Llanfoist opened its entryways in 2016. Around then, the gathering had around 2,000 individuals. Under Craig’s stewardship, the gathering progressed into what we currently know as Abergavenny Voice, a flourishing local area center point flaunting almost 30,000 individuals.

Motivations and Challenges

Craig’s inspiration originated from a craving to make a space where nearby voices could be heard and shared. Throughout the long term, he has explored the intricacies of dealing with a huge web-based local area. “Throughout the long term, through the development of the gathering, I have met a few astonishing individuals which I suppose if not for Abergavenny Voice, our ways could not have possibly crossed,” he reflects. From nearby dealers and entrepreneurs to councilors and, surprisingly, the City chairman, Craig’s associations have advanced his experience.

However, the journey has not always been smooth. Craig candidly shares that running the group has been both “character building” and “mentally diminishing.” He acknowledges that the role of admin can be “cruel, opinionated, as well as very upsetting,” highlighting the emotional toll it sometimes took.

The Community’s Voice

Testimonials and Impact

The impact of Abergavenny Voice extends far beyond online discussions. Local businesses, volunteers, and charity workers have found a supportive platform to reach out to the community. “I’ve met amazing volunteers and charity workers that have restored my faith at times in human kindness,” states Craig.

Members of the community have lauded the group for its role in fostering a sense of belonging and unity. Significant discussions and initiatives originating from the group have led to real-world changes and community improvements. From organizing local events to addressing civic issues, Abergavenny Voice has catalyzed positive change.

The Transition

Passing the Baton

After much deliberation, Craig has decided to step down as the admin of Abergavenny Voice, entrusting the group to Hannah and Pete Hill. This decision, although difficult, was made with Craig’s well-being in mind. “I needed to focus on myself and focus on my own well-being,” he explains.

Craig’s reflections on the move are filled with optimism for the group’s future. “It wasn’t an easy decision but I decided to step away from Abergavenny Voice and put it into the hands of Hannah and Pete,” he says, confident that the new admins will continue to uphold and expand the group’s mission.

Looking Ahead

Vision of the New Admins

As Abergavenny Voice advances to the new administration, Hannah and Pete Slope are energetic about their vision for the gathering. In a new meeting, they shared their arrangements to improve local area commitment, present new elements, and keep up with the gathering’s open and strong air.

“We are respected to assume on this liability and are focused on safeguarding the qualities that Craig imparted in the gathering,” they expressed. They likewise underlined the significance of local area support during this temporary stage. “We urge all individuals to effectively partake and share their thoughts on how we can keep on making Abergavenny Voice a lively and comprehensive space.”


The excursion of Abergavenny Voice, from its commencement to turning into a local neighborhood area foundation, demonstrates the force of computerized stages in encouraging certifiable associations. As we bid goodbye to Craig Titchener’s exceptional residency, we invite the new party driven by Hannah and Pete Slope with positive thinking.

Craig’s goodbye marks both an end and a fresh start. His commitment and difficult work have established areas of strength for a point for the gathering’s future. As the rod passes, how about we keep drawing in, backing, and elevating each other inside this awesome local area?

We encourage all members and residents to stay connected and support the new admins as they steer Abergavenny Voice toward new horizons. Thank you, Craig, for your unwavering commitment, and here’s to the continued success of Abergavenny Voice!

Those interested in participating more actively or providing feedback should contact Hannah and Pete Hill directly through the group’s contact options. Let’s ensure Abergavenny Voice continues to be a beacon of community spirit and collaboration.

By aiyifan

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